Orestia Kapidani comes from Albania, a country we hardly know about, that we hardly learned about, which is hardly visited.
The visual space, that opens up to us, that the photographer opens up for us, seem to be strangely familiar. This reality, on the inside and the outside, own and foreign brought to a cool vibrant tension that pauses and fascinates the viewer. Here we have someone that has something to say, by showing us and by the way she is showing us.
by T.O. Immisch
(Head of the photography department in the museum “Galerie Moritzburg” in Halle, Germany)


1978 in Shkoder, Albanien geboren

1997–2001 Studium und Diplom an der Akademie der Künste Tirana, Fachrichtung Freie Grafik

2001–2002 Grafikdesigner, „Studio Kilica“, Tirana

2002 Artdirektorin, Agjensia Publicitare „Iceberg“, Tirana

2003–2005 Aufbaustudium, Burg Giebichenstein-Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle

Seit 2005 freiberufliche Fotokünstlerin Halle, Tirana

2013 Master Photographie bei Prof. Rudolf Schäfer, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Born in 1978 in Shkoder, Albania

1997–2001 studied and graduated at the Academy of Arts in Tirana, Department of Graphic Arts

2001–2002 Graphic Designer, “studio Kilica”, Tirana(Albania)

2002 art director, Agjensia Publicitare “Iceberg”, Tirana (Albania)

2003–2005 postgraduate studies, Burg Giebichenstein University for Art and Design Halle(Germany)

Since 2005 freelance Fotokünstlerin Halle (Germany), Tirana(Albania)

2013 Master Photography under Prof. Rudolf Schäfer, Burg Giebichenstein University for Art and Design Halle(Germany)