Milch und Blut (MILK AND BLOOD)

The churchgoers portraits: Well aware of being photographed, in Classic, quiet and frontal poses.
It seems to be something special for them, different from the daily routine just as the ceremony and festivity of going to church. All the portraits have the same background which is a greatly enlarged image by the famous Albanian ateliers Marubi in Shkodra. The bridge connects the mountains with the surrounding area and the city. Just like the painted backgrounds in the Studios of 19th century, this scenery frees the photographed persons from their environment and context. Nothing that distracts from them, nothing “inconvenient” is to be seen in the picture.
The garment of a Catholic minority in a country with a vast Muslim majority: The older ladies are still wearing trousers under their skirts, have their hair covered, and are all dressed in black and white while men wear a suit coat. Only younger women and children are more casual and freely dressed.
The faces are open to be photographed and seem to be involved with the photographer, as almost no one doesn’t look directly into the camera.
by T.O. Immisch, 2010