Hommage an Feininger (HOMAGE TO FEININGER)

The title of the large-format body of work is not by chance “Hommage to Feinniger”. Just as he did, the photographer examines her work in a harsh self critical way and influenced by her background as a graphic artist, she came up with a striking visual language.The objects in her pictures appear abstracted and are far exaggerated in their depiction. Painting uses of course other tools than photography does, but throughout the whole cycle Orestia Kapidani unfolds picturesque moments without those formal boundaries. It is not the question whether it is analogue or digital, photography or graphic arts this mixture of tools and materials is her invention. The very well selected layers of townscapes merge to a mysterious and exaggerated vision of the city Halle on the Saale.
by Prof. Rudolf Schäfer, 2011