Gardens of Shkodra, enchanted biotopes, inhabited by plants and their owners. Enclosed gardens of town-hoses, shut behind the walls and unseen from the Street unfold their inner riches: Water, tree, fruit and flower. The Gardens and their gardeners secret are the young women with their ample and distinctive feminine curves. They like to show themselves, but covered, the very young girl alone is natural enough to let everyone see her bare body with a skeptic glance. There might be multiple motives in this series: Eva, the primordial mother in the garden of Eden; The woman as guardian and preserver of life; women in a patriarchal society in which her place is inside the house and where she is in control. These image pairs show probably neither criticism nor affirmation, but are the desire for- and ideal of a personal and societal correlation between outside and inside, men and its interference in nature and tamed nature.
And a moment of self self-assurance is immanent in those images: Where do i come from? What do i wish for?
by T.O. Immisch, 2010