Albania, August 2012. Qafmolla, is a village in Mirdita, located on a hill between two rivers. Sixteen houses, only a few people with cows, sheep and many goats. All residents are members of the family of the house “Gjomarkaj” – the main clan in Mirdita and a pillar of the so called “Kanun”. Here is kind of a state within a state. This body of work is a subjective documentation in seven chapters. Observations of some rituals, thoughtful landscape contemplations and portraits of the living standard. In this region they don’t say that man was made from a rib and earth, but blood an milk merged to give live to creatures that are made from blood and milk .
We loose blood when we die and we drink milk when we are born. The woman loses blood during menstruation, the man sheds blood in war. I, a Mirditorian, go Back to my roots and discover them again.